Ladislav Černý

Painter | Sculptor | Restorer


On 27 February 2016, the young gallery owner Benedikt Mairwöger opened his gallery for modern art - AMART - and presented the first group exhibition with Gottfried Mairwöger, Katharina Prantl, Andrzej Pietrzyk, Ladislav Černý, Ramona Schnekenburger and Michael Odlozil.

Introductory words by Lydia Altmann- Höfler.

In summer 2020, the Austrian BURN-IN Gallery honoured the Slovak painter and sculptor Ladislav Černý and created a virtual museum of a special kind for him. The exhibition In Flagranti extends over two floors and brings new works before the curtain that have not yet been presented to the public.

The interactive museum opens up new possibilities for a deep engagement with Černýýs works and inspires with its 360-degree view with individually selectable perspectives. The convenient direct link to the BURN-IN online depot is particularly spectacular.

During the lockdown, the Austrian Parnass Magazine published a Gallery Diary on 14.4.2020 about Ladislav Černý's personal exhibition.

The exhibition was curated by Sonja Dolzer, founder of BURN-IN Gallery, and realised in the traditional department stores' Gerngross in Vienna.

In March 2020, BURN-IN presented a broad spectrum of his highly expressive works from 2006 to 2020 in the large personal exhibition of the Slovak artist Ladislav Černý (SK).

The contemporary BURN-IN Gallery presented 41 works, including 7 sculptures made of bronze, steel and Holt, which convince with their very special haptics. Every touch became a sensual pleasure, material and symbolic.

The third edition of ART SALZBURG CONTEMPORARY & ANTIQUES INTERNATIONAL 2019 took place from 27 - 29 September 2019 at the Messezentrum Salzburg.

After 2015 and 2017, the Viennese BURN-IN Gallery invited to the 3rd International Summer-Exhibitions in July and August 2019 and presented two exhibitions that got under your skin on the focus topic GreenART. Seven artists from Norway, Germany, Poland and Slovakia inspire with their highly diverse positions.

Do you know him? The cheerful smiler - the haggard old man - the morose one - the constipated one - the nosey mocker - the ill-tempered one - the simple-minded one of the highest order and the arch-villain?
What expectations do you have of art? The composer Peter Ruzicka, for example, sees art as "an ever-renewable energy that counterbalances the mindless race. An aesthetic means of differentiation and sharpening of judgement".