Personale 2006 - 2020 | BURN-IN im Gerngross

In March 2020, BURN-IN presented a broad spectrum of his highly expressive works from 2006 to 2020 in the large personal exhibition of the Slovak artist Ladislav Černý (SK).

The contemporary BURN-IN Gallery presented 41 works, including 7 sculptures made of bronze, steel and Holt, which convince with their very special haptics. Every touch became a sensual pleasure, material and symbolic.

In the case of the paintings, the majority came from the last 3 years, where Černý displayed an enormous creative phase. The core works, all acrylic, Bath (2019 | 155 x 322 cm), Horizon (2019 | 210 x 200 cm) and the Swimmer (2018 | 130 x 270 cm) are convincing due to their great expressiveness and incomparable colour composition. Delicate, innocent pink contrasts with strong blue, grey and red tones. This builds tension and often makes the viewer ponder. The paintings are perfectly accompanied by the sculptures Planes in My Belly (2017 | lime, pink polychrome), Dreaming (2017 | bronze, granite) and Flood (2013 | polychrome plaster).

His earlier works Love, Life, Death (2006 | 150 x 285 cm| Triptych), Winter, Encounter (both 2008 | 150 x 150 cm) and Identity (2010 | 200 x 200 cm) are characterised by colourful reduction, light backgrounds and figures that seem to float in space.

BURN-IN exhibition documentation