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We have become familiar with the notion that sculpture has moved into an expanded field within the dynamic metamorphosis and development of Slovak art. Object – represented by 3D as a non–sculptural form does not only express certain aesthetic parameters or associative games, but it also depicts the actual course of history enriched by a human – an artist. It becomes a fetish, mystification or ‘fossilized key to a past time which is our present‘ as Tony Cragg said.

The artwork – painting or sculpture serves Ladislav Černý to interprete and insert his emotional messages made up of quotations and mixed with his own cultural dimesions. It is trying to achieve the creation of a genuine artwork. The works refer to our own, that means human past and projected future. The latest artefacts by the author who devoted himself both to sculpture and painting tell about all this. This refers to the painting in the abstract–expressive line acting as a sublime witness.



Motifs consisting of common human snapshots and micro stories are gathered from the observation of the hectic being. In these works the artist deals particularly with an authorized and genuine story. In the technique of transforming the artefact into the material he reduces the shape of sculpture what is related to his new representation of space and time. The reduced shape of sculpture is shown on the sign– archetypal level showing especially figural compositions. The robust demonstration is sensitively eliminated by the colours which on the other hand highlight the objective and the motif. Both in painting and sculpture Černý points out the ideas and the utterance.
The vividness of the artwork fascinates the percipients, allows the imagination to run and the admiration for author’s work to flourish. Paintings by Ladislav Černý show the neverending human story, the secret of life – permanent visual variations on human, inception, life and fate. author’s most frequent figure is a symbolic trait, a certain protagonist of an eternal drama of human confrontations, through which he talks about relationships fabulizing the stories in the dramatic moments of an artefact.
The unique impact of Černý’s brushwork is convincing along with the gradual change of aesthetic tonal values ranging from sentiment, intimate and erotic topics towards dramatic features of the portrayed motif. Ladislav Černý has created his own emotive research of the environment or moments he encounters by chance. The experienced emotion is remelt into his own thinking while structuring it again and leaving the semantic and conceptual categories behind.
He has reached different stages in his artistic development – from abstract paintings towards expressively structured ones using strong expressive means, lately even ready–made. The robust pastose painting style of the author underlines the contrast and rich variety of colours literally overwhelming the viewer. The archetype in his work is an important attribute of his visual language and in the context of the work it seems to be natural and human.

Therefore, Černý’s work gains meditative dimension – it is a reference and at the same time urge for individual thinking. Middle generation visual artist profile of Ladislav Černý (1965) was formed at first at the School of applied arts in Bratislava where he studied photography and commercial graphics. after leaving school he finished the first study year at the academy of Fine arts and Design in Bratislava (restoration course). He continued his studies at the prestigious Dresden academy of Fine arts (HfBk), tutored by Prof. Dr. Ingo Sandner. Besides restoration courses, Černý also attended other visual art courses tutored by Prof. Hort Jokusch, Prof. Friderun Bonzin and Prof. Günter Jacob.
Ladislav Černý entered the Slovak art scene in 1999. Since then he has presented his work at various solo exhibitions, has also taken part in different group projects of Slovak art Group, The Association of Slovak artists and Slovak union of visual artist. Next-to the restoration work the author works almost nonstop on paintings since the above mentioned graduation from the Dresden academy of Fine arts.
His artwork can be divided into two visual types. The dominant one is figurative painting in which he has gradually left the abstract forms for the more expressive brushwork since 1997. The second type is landscape and environment. He presented his paintings and sculptures not only in Slovakia, but also abroad – repeatedly around Austria, Hungary, Germany, France, Poland, Great Britain and Czech republic.
The artwork by Ladislav Černý is avoiding any influences or paradigms. It comes out from the endeavour to contact the perceiver. He deliberately builds his artistic program and persuades us about the constant development, which is visible not only in his compositions, but especially in the motive and content of the artwork. The artworks by Ladislav Černý are retold stories about our hectic everyday life, about the human beings of today…

PhDr. Marta Hučková – curator

Mgr. art. Ladislav Černý – (Ma, restoration), Born on November 2, 1965 in Bratislava

1981–85 School of applied arts in Bratislava: protography and commercial graphics
1985–86 academy of Fine arts and Design in Bratislava
1987–91 academy of Fine arts in Dresden, Germany (HfBk): restoration








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